10 March 2011

lab rats?

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Try "toilet paper".
"I have critically high levels of chemicals in my body," 33-year-old Steven Aguinaga of Hazlehurst, Mississippi told Al Jazeera. "Yesterday I went to see another doctor to get my blood test results and the nurse said she didn't know how I even got there."

Aguinaga and his close friend Merrick Vallian went swimming at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in July 2010.

"I swam underwater, then found I had orange slick stuff all over me," Aguinaga said. "At that time I had no knowledge of what dispersants were, but within a few hours, we were drained of energy and not feeling good. I've been extremely sick ever since."
Not to be a broken record, here, but the people of the Gulf Coast are less than zero. If they don't or can't or won't move away, their health is gone for the rest of their lives. Could be they are lab rats to see if their offspring can become impervious to these toxins, but... probably not.

love, 99

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