18 March 2011

OMG! we're all gonna die!

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For MONTHS there has been the most foul aggravation plaguing me here. There has been one stuck pixel that shows up bright red when the background is black... or dark... and it's happening on my multimilliondollar fabulous iMac. I tell you, it has been a thing giving me the creeps a thousand times a day for way too long. Every week or two I freak out and run this pixel-fixer tool till the cows come home and... bubkes. That fucker stays stuck in red, just to blare at me and make me agonize anew over the months of deprivation endured to pay for this puppy.

While listening to the Out There program covering the nukequake aggravations in minute detail, I decided to run it again as I ran around and turned things off and put things away and parsed out my multifarious pills for the next twenty-four hours, puttered, listening, learning, watching the fizzies on the screen from the fixer, and then, finally, said to myself to just give up this shit, switch it off and play solitaire while gulping down vitamins and minerals and kelp and antihistamines and anti-inflammatories and antibiotics... and, kazaaaaaaaaarrrrrrt! OMG! The pixel finally flipped back into service! It's the sign.

Thunder is rolling. Radiation has overtaken Khoonkhwutunne and that motherfucking pixel!


[I've put a link to the Santa Monica geiger counter at the top of my sidebar.]

love, 99

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