22 March 2011

spent a couple hours making him look less scary

[right click image, mp3, two hours and fifteen minutes]


I was listening to a new stash of Tsarion interviews, to see which I thought I had not already posted, and doodling around on this much-more-attractive-now-than-when-I-started fellow... losing my exasperation over my friends' daughter's future... and so I linked you straight to the mp3 on the latest interview up there, but you might want to listen to it at the end of THIS playlist. The first fifteen minutes of it is a bunch of Irish palaver, so it's really only two hours... then plus over three hours of the NET interview before it... better than a day at the office... and more productive, I'll warrant.

love, 99


  1. Well, now that my JURY SERVICE is complete, (you might have noticed a theme here)

    "Your group is not needed. Your service is complete. You do not need to check back. Thank you for making yourself available to serve as a juror."


    I have hap upon some interesting things.

    First off WHY is the court making wireless available to summoned jurors?

    The following document doesn't explain WHY.

    Then we get to Excuse from Jury Service.

    Where I wonder what exactly is up with part 3.


    You may remember I POKED THE HELL out of my eye and head to go to an emergency room. Yes? You cut your hand about the same time. At the time when I was with the doctor I specifically asked for an excuse, and was told "Doctors don't give excuses." So I defaulted back to the "rescheduling" cause I actually want to serve.

    Anyway, it's done, I didn't get to serve actually on a case. Which sucks.

    And finally the last time I was there, the jurors room, wow what a pain in the ass. I don't know how people can work there, all the cell phones and laptops and electronic gadgets, tv set watching stupid ass sports etc. They had a "non cell phone area" but line of sight is right to all the shit. It wasn't shielded or nothing.

    Perhaps the DOJ is fucking with jurors electronically? The pieces seem to add up.
    Free wireless service, unencrypted and monitored, and a literal electronic sea of death from all the devices and god knows what else.

    Why do jurors even NEED wireless access, cell phones, etc? That place ought to have nothing there but magazines and books, it's complete insanity.


  2. I digested the mp3, wow, extremely relevant to our recent discussions eh?

    Off to digest the playlist now.

    PS: No I ain't giving up my music. My show is my show and it's the Music I am concerned with. When I fill out the playback request form, I tick the MUSIC box, not the politics box.
    Regardless of what symbols and shit. Like that video of the guy being chopped up, I don't care if it's wrong, it's acting, it's not actually harming anyone, maybe it's the spark to wake people the fuck up how horrible shit is. While I tend to gravitate towards positive, and sometimes when I find them videos which DO get the message out, I am not going self censor bands which I LOVE on their music ability. If that's the case I Might as well not even have a show, at which point my life will no longer have any plan at all whatsoever.


  3. I know this will probably upset you more, but, honestly Phil, you would NEVER make it through a jury selection... if you told the truth, answered all their questions truthfully. You are 100% an automatic preëmptory challenge for any prosecutor in a criminal case, and any lawyer on the wrong side in a civil case. Get used to it, dear. They'll spot you as poison to their case in a heartbeat. You'd only make it in if someone had foolishly squandered all their challenges before you got up on the dock. THEN, 99% of all cases are pled out or settled before trial... often as everyone is walking into court for it. So your chances of putting the jury nullification thing into action are slim to none.

    Truly. Sorry.

  4. We ought clarify something. My whole deal with serving isn't to roll out jury nullification, there are laws that make sense. However, some don't. I figure it's just like the Irish Census, I go in, I answer honestly, and if I am selected I will do my job. If the matter discussed is foobar, then I roll with what I know. I ain't there to fuck with laws for no reason. And I hope anyone judging me would have the same attitude.

    Furthermore, if everyone is educated, no more stupid people will be available to select from.

    Get it? I am sure you do.


  5. I didn't mean just the jury nullification thing. I meant because you see cops doing wrong, and because you see laws that suck AND laws that are right AND express yourself forthrightly, one side or the other of any case is SO going to nix you. If you mean you will feign gormless putztude to get on a jury, then, depending on your acting skills, possibly you will make it.

    Lawyers want whoever's least likely to vote against them by temperament and it works out to almost always getting juries full of gormless putzes... which explains why so many of our jury trials come out with completely psychedelic verdicts....


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