17 March 2011

trouble getting used to newthink

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Don't mind me. I just got online a few minutes ago, but it seems there's all manner of clatter in Congress about Fukushima Daiichi Reactor Four and not a peep about Reactor Three, the one with the sacred antiterrorism MOX fuel in it that is exponentially more dangerous than the lethal stuff in the Reactor Four Meltdown. Scurrying around the tubes I see snippets about them dumping water on Three from helicopters and shooting it with water cannons, but the official flap is stubbornly all about Four. They admit Four has melted down. They are not admitting or denying that Three has melted down. They are barely reporting anything beside it will take some time to sort out what has happened, and some guy quit GE thirty-five years ago in protest of the design flaws in these reactors.

You might think this is disorganized, that leadership is panicked and not functioning. You would be wrong. They don't intend to function. Just like with the Gulf Blowout, their attentions will be cosmetic and they are leaving it up to the Fates to take care of the aftermath. I mean, great that they are making their feeble attempts to cool the the meltdown in Three, but, er, uhmmmm, getting the facts out or taking any measures to protect people from it will cause a vastly more vigorous opposition to this trillions of dollars worth of nukes decommissioning contracts to just bundle up all our depleted uranium with our radically not-depleted plutonium and stick it in containment systems that work until something happens. So it will not be mentioned. The public will not be bothered or frightened or angered by it, and soon enough it can be trotted out as a fabulous stone killer of multiple birds, evidence of human progress and devotion to world peace.

How many of those kids you see milling around out there will know the difference?

How many of them won't be dead of cancer in a few years?

Don't ask me! I will try to find something approximating a real expert who is discussing this stuff, but it's going to be a struggle to focus on the effort between Norwegian kelp and organic chlorophyll supplements and epsom salts baths....

Yes. I'm telling you that you are wasting your time if you are waiting for officials to tell you what to do, if you are waiting for officials to do their jobs. THEY DON'T HAVE JOBS! I don't know how people screaming about the NWO nonstop can't put it together that this means our officials are window dressing, INCLUDING the president, but, clearly, they don't.

So, after my pretend bath in my not-a-tub and I'm all warm and gulping my kelp down with chlorophyll juice in front of my machine again, I'll look for some outpost of sanity and good sense to try to hook you up with. In the meantime, the Guardian's live blogging is at least continuing, albeit harder to get to than before.

As for the multifarious pushbutton revolutions out there, every one of them is FUBAR. So this is your up-to-the-minute report on all the biggest news they don't see fit to print.


3:30 update:

IAEA is reminding me more and more of WHO in the flying pig flu fiasco....

Footage from helicopter today....
Given the fact that Japan is thousands of miles from the United States, it is highly unlikely that Americans would be exposed to radioactive material from direct inhalation of a plume from the Fukushima nuclear complex.

While wind patterns will likely carry the radioactive plume eastward, radioactive material will be so diffuse by the time it reaches Hawaii, Alaska, or the mainland United States that it is highly unlikely to create significant health concerns.
Encouraging... for us....

I found you a really good satellite image of the four Daiichi reactors. You will note that Number One is at the bottom of the line and Four at the top. Number Two is the only unit with the roof still on it. Number Three is the one in the worst shape, with the white smoke/steam issuing from it. Please look at that image and tell me WHERE is the pool to fill with water in the Number Three reactor?

I'm in a coma somewhere, right?


5:00 update:

Well, if they're monitoring it, anyway, there is some chance the information they don't give us will be leaked by an insider with remnant human genes.... Here's the abridged version of a link brought by BB2 just now:
The United States is deploying extra radiation monitors. The EPA is sending the portable units, to boost an existing network of monitors, according to an official, speaking on condition of anonymity, and stressed that the move is precautionary. "We don't expect any significant amounts of radiation," he said, adding that the EPA was expected to brief reporters later in the day. The U.S. western states of California, Oregon, and Washington State have also been monitoring for any increase in radiation levels from Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, damaged by last Friday's earthquake and tsunami. Some experts says radioactivity could reach the U.S. West Coast as early as Friday, although well below levels which could harm human health.
Not soothing me much, but heck, I'm a jaded old harridan.


7:45 update:

Oh, this is cute:
Supposedly it'll be so diluted that it won't pose any danger, but this graphic doesn't really offer much comfort.

Any chance we can line up US Navy ships along the West Coast and have them turn on giant fans to blow the plume away?
Wouldn't that be nice?

love, 99


  1. The helicopter drops are a joke!

    Not much more than a heavy rain by the time it hits.
    Works for forest fires, but it sure isn't going to refill the holding tanks.

    Also the photos I've seen of #3 show the smoke/steam coming out of a side window or opening, not the roof.

    Unless there has been an explosion since the photos were taken which breached the roof, dumping water on it from helicopters is useless.

  2. I left a comment this morning at the other thread regarding the HAARP dishes in Nevada from the video the other night.

    For some reason it didn't post. I might have closed the page at the edit step instead of the final post.

    When I first come in and put my name in the comment box the first time I post a comment blogger brings up an intermediate box asking if I want to edit the comment. It takes one more step to post it. After the first time that step no longer shows up - the comments post on the first click.

  3. Regarding those HAARP dishes - I went to the NOAA satellite for the region of Fernley, Nevada and using their "Mouse Over" function found that the site of the dishes is 17 miles southeast of the radar station. I also found a similar ray from the radar trace heading due east. If I extend that ray and the ray in the video they intersect at the radar location.

    In any event, those things he found are indeed strange looking, but if they are dishes they are between 1/2 mile and 1 mile in diameter.

    Not to mention all of the HAARP antennae I have seen are grids and towers, not dishes.

  4. Iodine pills sold out in Sacramento...

  5. Reactor 3's roof was blown all the way off. 4 is the one that still looks semi-intact, though really shabby. 3 is the one in the foreground left and 4 is the one in the background right in the images released the other night. There's only maybe a third of the entire building left at 3. It's in the WORST shape of all the reactors.

    But, yes, the helicopter drop thing is pathetic. Someone commenting at the Guardian suggested dumping ice or snow on it, which would be a LOT more effective, but that's still pathetic.

    Someone at GLP suggested nuking it....

  6. I think you must have pushed the wrong button for your morning HAARP comment, because it isn't in the spam filter... can't find the bugger.

    KELP take kelp pills. It has the iodine in it. Soon you will be wanting to make sure the kelp used isn't from the Pacific, but Norway grinds out kelp supplements like crazy. There was lots of kelp at the health food store the other day.

  7. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=japan-earthquake-tsunami-radiation

  8. Well, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and the kelp is good against further deterioration of the gland... and, presumably, it advancing into thyroid cancer. It is SUCH a pain in the ass, especially since I'm forced to drive so far to see someone who will address the problem, that I sometimes wish to just have the sucker removed so I can just do its whole job with supplementation, but I'm sure that is just me and my thing about removing all the trouble and getting on without it....

    So, if there's any veracity to what they say there, people should be giving the iodine to their KIDS. Plus checking the background radiation of the pastures at the dairies all up and down the West Coast....

  9. And the point of this post was to point out that this kind of stuff will NOT be handled by the government. People have to take it upon themselves to get it handled.

  10. Oh, lafin loves Malvina Reynolds. I hope he find that link.

    I don't believe that this boosted monitoring blather will filter down usefully to us. I'm sure there will be officials who will want the information to protect themselves and friends, but if the news is bad they aren't going to tell us. If the news is good, we won't believe them, because whatever the truth is, it will be reported just about the same... depending on if they're still all the way in front of the news outlets, somewhat, but if they lose that edge, they'll just nuke us with more conflicting information and go back to the soothing stuff once they're back with the lid on.

    It's been raining and tiny hailing here for days... in bands... intermittent moments of sunlight.

  11. leaked by an insider with remnant human genes

    Until them genes get zapped...

  12. Oh, lafin loves Malvina Reynolds.


    I spared you the Joan Baez version.

  13. Thank you so much. There's only ONE Baez song I ever thought was beautiful... the one about Dylan. Her voice was gorgeous. The rest... pfeh... for my whole life... just sets my nerves on edge.

  14. Nice map - turquoise over me right now!

  15. Duct tape and plastic sheeting in place!

  16. I got the duct tape, but not the plastic... so absentminded....

  17. No, the turquoise won't be over you until tomorrow! Don't smother!

  18. NO NO - March 17 8:00 pm - turquoise with blue halo darn close to here if not on top of me.
    Rolled in around 11 this morning.

  19. I'm pulling my hair out...

    Saw an excellent picture of the spent rod storage pool at reactor #3 before the quake earlier today at work. Now I can't find it for the life of me.

    I also found a picture from a helicopter of #3 tonight, great view of the destruction inside the building and the steam cloud. It took me 15 minutes to get the site to load then I accidentally clicked it off before I snagged the picture, now it's been loading fo...

    Oh wait, after about an hour it finally just reloaded - Yahoo!

  20. Oh, shit, yer right. I didn't notice that little blot right on top of you. Did they single you out for early radiation? Has the nukes plant down the way from you gone critical too? What? How odd!

  21. Must be a downdraft or something - the blob just materialized out of nowhere if you run the animation back far enough!

    Oh, but wait...

    We did have HAARP clouds this afternoon!

  22. No. I think that was from the day of the quake....

  23. No - the video may have been from quake day, but clouds like that were rolling in as I drove home from work.


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