24 March 2011

the wages of delusion

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You will insist this money business is meaningful, and so you get you ask for. It's an hallucination, and yet the planet is burning down behind it. Ed Harrison just comes out and tells Max Keiser that it's ALL perception and not even Max gets it. People are SO attached to the notion of stuff—gold or plastic or dirt or water or air or calcium—being worth something, that trade is essential, they just do NOT see that it is all a sociopathological game... that you are going to lose.


Or maybe you'd prefer Tsarion.


Personally, I think both are worth our time, but I am particularly grateful for Tsarion. I love how SERIOUS he is. And not about bullshit. He's deeply serious about real things. Almost as good as a bathtub.

You have one life and infinite things to know. How are you going to do that using this mind?

I'm constantly wanting to ask how ANYONE can want to concentrate on ANYTHING else.

love, 99

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