07 March 2011

while i'm dying of a toothache

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You should contemplate the beauty and power of this... and try to help restore it and enhance it.

Also, some tedious progressives are bragging about a demonstration at a BofA in DC today, and trying to start something more serious. I wouldn't mention it, because it's just another bullshit clicktivism website trying to get you to do the equivalent of an email petition, but at LEAST, for once it doesn't seem to be asking for your money. It, in fact, may be a bunch of bullshit nonprofits putting it up so they can wave it as evidence of performing their function when the IRS audits them. Pessimism. Nasty pessimism. Jaded killjoy here. Sorry.

Anyway, I may be on the horns of a serious disability... that I hope is just a popcorn hull jammed under my gum, but might be something a little more egregious... and so this is my declaration that for sure until this stops hurting me, I'm not going to be out there presenting my bank with any bills or bullhorning anyone into city hall.

No kidding, you should look at the the spectacular images at the image link and contemplate filling all state capitols and CERTAINLY Washington, DC in even greater numbers. It is my fondest wish for you to do this WITHOUT any signs or noise, to just gather in these numbers and calmly and peacefully physically remove the government, the corrupt sham government, from our property. Okay? In short, kindly stand up while I lie down.

Right, then. I'll have a nap now. If I can do it.

love, 99


  1. Oh shit a toothache
    Nerve pain penetrates the brain
    I will pray for you

  2. The worse here because I'm one of those three people on earth with a redundancy for the nerves in my mouth. It makes it so I can't be positive which tooth it's coming from, or whether it's on top or on bottom. Seem to hurt worse on bottom until I decide that's definitely it. Used to have fights with my dentist over him drilling the wrong teeth until he suddenly harked back to something they told him in dental school about those three people. "Ooooh, of course, you'd be one of them...."

    Did sleep and it feels better at the moment. Dreamed of my teacher and being giddy to report the beginnings of all that work sinking in... trying to cheer myself up I think.... I do SO hope this doesn't mean I have to go wandering around town groveling for a dentist.

  3. Good luck with that. One of the drawbacks to living in a rural county is the paucity of quality health care professionals.

  4. TELL me about it. OMFG. Though, I notice that the County has a dental clinic... so I don't have to face a succession of firing squads to at least get a start on it. I can't turn around and drive all the way back to see KB when my head's coming off. Though, truly, it's barely there just now. I'm thinking of making myself some hot chocolate and getting back in bed. Maybe it was the popcorn thing and all my swooshing with hydrogen peroxide and digging with fancy picks and brushing and swooshing and digging and ibuprofen has rid me of the culprit. With just the chance to sleep off my aching nerves maybe this can all be an ugly memory........

  5. Hopefully you have only chipped some calcium deposit back and the pain being clean dentin exposed to temperatures, or a cut gum. Might I suggest an led powered mirror to try to look at it on your own first. However if there's pain beyond your threshold, you'll have to do something. There used to be a place on C street in Sacramento that extracted teeth, but alas with all the cutting, I don't know anymore.

    One thing that used to help me with pain, was putting oil of oregano into the holes. (yes that was plural)

    I've only got $7000 more to pay for my last visit to the dentist which was over $10K.


  6. I used to have a jug of that, and rosemary, good shit, but 86 wouldn't let me take it with me. Tried some "Orajel" today. Pfeh. Worked for about two minutes... if that. Having osteomalacia for a couple years really messed with my teeth. They've always been in pretty good shape, but when the Vitamin D went south, my teeth were wobbly and one broke and another chipped and some others just started letting more junk get stuck between them. There really is a big possibility it's only a popcorn hull getting under my gum and starting to rot. That hurts like holy hell and comes on suddenly like this. So I'm thinking there's every possibility I fixed it when I came unmoored and started digging and scraping and swooshing and hopping up and down. But, like I say, I can't really tell because my abundance of pissed off nerves in there and I don't think even an LED light gizzy would help me find it. It's back a way in there, wherever it is... on the right... I can tell that much... and I did just about as much gaping as I can do to find some visible sign, with or without a light.

    It might be a loose filling with tooth decay behind it. I'm telling you, you really don't want to get that low on Vitamin D. Messes with you big time, but at least my teeth don't wobble anymore. I was worried that would keep happening.

  7. One summer I worked on a welding crew repairing the rails for the Soo Line Railroad. Typically during the day we were out on the rails a fair distance from any roads or transportation. My friend who worked with me and I lived in the area, but the foreman and the other three crew members were from Canada and lived in a rail car parked on a siding a couple of miles down the track.

    One morning the foreman, a grizzled old coot, came to work with a rag tied around his head and jaw like you see in the old movies. He had a terrible toothache and was even more ornery than normal. At noon he walked back to his rail car and upon returning no longer had the rag around his head, having taken a pair of pliers and pulling his own tooth!

  8. Men are amazing... and some more than others.


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