03 April 2011

nearly trump hair

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RT tells it.

[I honestly tried to make him look a little less hideous. It was too much for me.]


Chris Floyd tells it.
This policy is what the Nobel Peace Laureate — the first African-American president in history — is now perpetuating in the only nation to liberate itself from slavery. But of course, the most important thing is not the dispossessed in Haiti, nor the innocent people in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan being killed, day after day, by the Laureate's bombs, bullets and assassins. No, the main thing is — he's not John McCain! And we must put aside these trifles, these heaps of corpses, and rally around the prez to "defend our gains and regroup for a progressive counter-offensive in 2012!" The best is yet to come!
If you go down and read the Lendman piece in last night's nukequake post, along with this one, you might be shocked out of your groupthink "progressivism" for maybe even up to an hour....

love, 99

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