02 April 2011

not to slide into nihilism

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I would never go there, but I recognize this as the stuff that sends the unwary down that chute, never to return to the light of day. Turn off your TV. If you are jonesing too hard for something to watch or hear, do old movies with no commercials, or listen to lectures by fascinating people, or podcasts by people into interesting things, or surf around in crafts blogs, or do your housecleaning! Just stay the hell away from marketers of propaganda and products, the pervy purveyors of brain death. I know old movies are jammed full of it, too, and how, but they're old and you don't identify with them. Nobody living will have sucked yer brain out yer eyeballs.


Or maybe some George Stevens if Cukor didn't do it for you... anything. Darn the holes in your socks. Take up knitting. Start lifting weights, anything. Just turn off that consarn TV.

love, 99


  1. Wish me luck as I embark down a scary path...

    Reboot + F11 = Wipe hard drive with Dell Restore - computer promised to be like brand new again - (it sucks right now)

    All files backed up, Latest versions of Thunderbird and Firefox on backup drive, profiles of both those saved for reinsertion - Can't find my friggin WinXP Service pack 3 disk!

    Oh well, here goes...

    I'll be back tonight if all goes well,


  2. BB2, I know that sucks.

    I don't know how important your workstation is to you, if your like me you probably have a good 6+ month of installing, customizing, patching, tweaking and debugging.

    I have the OS drive cloned drive so if that ever happens to me again, I just clone back. A 20 minute painless process. Parts used: two 500G sata, Acronis disk clone tool.


    I keep all my passwords using KeePassX on a Imation Clip with the write protect switch set.

    The backup Sata Drive is mounted in an ICY DOCK

    In regards to the thread. Cleaning the house is what keeps me from bugging on the horrible mind control crap.


  3. I hope we ever hear from Agent BB2 again... :o[

  4. I'm Ba-aaack!

    Relatively painless - having a problem with email not wanting to connect, but I use gmail so I can still do stuff on-line, just not able to send or receive local thorough my pop servers.

    Firefox did a weird thing - after I moved my profile in all of my add-ons were there, but after rebooting most of them were gone.

    Now it's time to reload all my hardware drivers and utilities.

    Running 20 times faster now!

  5. Once that's done, it'll be a wreck again....

  6. LMAO - it took 4 years to get bogged down trying all kinds of things, changing hardware etc. It should be good for a while now.

    Mail fixed - very strange - I recorded all of the settings and restored them all. I went to help in gmail and they gave me a whole new set of settings and ports. Now it works, but how was it working before?

  7. It was taking the long way around Harvey's barn.... I hope this keeps it happening happily now.


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