27 August 2007

democrats in recess

[Pardon my glib-seeming use of strikes here, but sometime later it occurred to me I was still being too generous.] In picking El Torturador's replacement, will they let themselves [ergo all of us] be done-to again? Glenn Greenwald states the obvious for the oblivious... which, I know, shouldn't seem like much of a big deal to anybody, but, nowadays, it practically amounts to heroism. Not only a completely independent and unbiased replacement, but unremitting scrutiny from Congress lucid adults on the fumigation of the Justice Department... while they're we're impeaching * and Fudd.

[And, I'm sorry but if the Democrats have not had a list of acceptable replacements for MONTHS what business does Schumer have opening his mouth? My skin was crawling while listening to him talk about * picking a replacement, repeatedly referring to him as "the President", when we all know he's NOT "the President": he's the guy whose ass would have been in jail by now if these people were doing their jobs, if these slugs were upholding their oaths to the Constitution.]

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