23 November 2009

becoming downright medieval in the philippines

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Twenty-one bodies of twenty-nine abducted family and friends of a politician on the southern island of Mindanao who is challenging the local governor have been found... seems the incumbent is not happy about the prospect of this challenge... sent his militiamen after them....

Campaign seasons seem to be bloody, and getting bloodier, in the Philippines.

In fact, it doesn't seem as though an election anywhere has gone well in a long time....


24 hours later:
8 mins ago

MANILA, Philippines – A Philippine police official says 11 more bodies have been recovered from a mass grave in the country's south, raising the number of massacre victims to 35.

Chief Superintendent Josefino Cataluna says Tuesday more bodies are expected to be recovered in a remote hilly area in southern Ampatuan township where supporters of a local politician and journalists traveling in a convoy were seized by dozens of gunmen Monday.

Police said the convoy of about 40 people was going to register Mangudadatu, vice mayor of Buluan township, to run for provincial governor when they were stopped.

Soldiers and police later found 24 bodies, including those of Mangudadatu's wife, Genalyn, and his two sisters, sprawled on the ground or shot in their vehicles.


15 hours later than that: 46 bodies....


52 bodies... 18 of them journalists....


One ayem, 25 November, al Jazeera is reporting 56 on the air....

The suspect and his family say they won't stand in the way of investigations. Isn't that civilized?

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