23 November 2009

deaths from H1N1 vaccine

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Al Jazeera is reporting on the air that there are now eight deaths in Sweden shortly after being vaccinated for H1N1. Doctors insist these people were all sick from other things and the vaccine hasn't got anything to do with it, but al Jazeera is also reporting that medical professionals are showing a surprising reluctance to get vaccinated....

I can't find anything from googling about it except this, which is a few days old, and the number of deaths was just four, but maybe I'm just too tired and can find it in the Global Research Flu Bonanza page when I get up.
In Europe, civilians are increasingly rejecting the H1N1 vaccine. Recent polls in Germany and Austria show only 13 and 18 percent respectively willing to take the shot. In Sweden, four vaccine related deaths have been announced and almost 200 healthcare workers have reported becoming more seriously ill from the vaccination than they might have from a flu infection. In the US, anywhere from 90-99 percent of adverse events go unreported.
Just take at least 2000mgs of Vitamin D extra every day and SKIP the damn vaccine.

There's some guy screaming about how dangerous all vaccines are at the bottom of that piece.

One of my favorite cats just died from vaccine-induced cancer a couple weeks ago.

We need to start smacking these guys around, don't you think?

UPDATE SOMETIME THE NEXT MORNING: Here's a video of al Jazeera's report....


  1. What, your cutting in to they're profits if you don't get a shot and don't you feel bad about that?
    I had this the 1st time around and it wasn't fun but I'm not getting a shot now or ever.

  2. Heh. My doctor slipped one in on me before I knew what hit me a couple years ago and it had to have been worse than the flu. My arm turned black and blue and purple, woke me up from the pain when rolling onto it in my sleep, and it made me really sick for about two weeks. Definitely worse than the flu... except my doctor INSISTED that no it wasn't.... Aagh! And she liked me! We so need to reprogram our medical professionals....

  3. I read there have been 41 post vaccination deaths reported so far. Out of 65 million vaccinations, that's not too bad, but I'm still not getting one. It's a tradition - I've never had a flu shot, or the flu. Must be all the healthy living. Or not.


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