29 November 2009

listening to a man who's getting a divorce

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I watch and listen to a whole lot of stuff on the tubes. Plenty of it I never link, even though I'm getting stuff out of it and you might too, but it's too full of what is more likely to mislead... say stuff I'd have to be at pains to disavow, that sort of thing.

So last night I was listening to these guys I frequently stop for, and one of them announced he was getting a divorce, and then went on about the scientific possibilities of online dating. He's my age... which means he wants someone no older than thirty-eight at the absolute outside. And he mentioned one of his specs for the ideal woman as one who will engage in no-holds-barred conversations. I almost laughed, but the guy has moments of really very interesting depths of insight... or indications that he really does want that depth. So I didn't laugh.

I find myself thinking about it some twenty-four hours later... how marvelous a thing that is to want in a mate... to actually be aware enough to articulate the wanting of it... even if he almost certainly only thinks he wants that... right up until he gets lucky enough to have it....

I don't know. I almost emailed him to tell him I'm not interested in his online dating science, and am geographically completely unacceptable in any case, but could definitely offer him an outlet for his no-holds-barred conversation. I don't know which of us would get more out of it, but I could oblige him there.

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