19 November 2009

wait! what's the catch?

[click image]

More detail....

[Oh, of course, there's a whole little cosmos of catches... good thing I didn't get all heart-poundingly hopeful or nuthin'.]


  1. My fingers are crossed...

  2. Well, that "faithful" progressive, Barney Franks, has put off the vote ten days and... well... your fingers are going to get cramps. Seems this bill is being packed into a larger one they are saying is too Wall-Street-friendly. I don't like the fucking wreck they're making of the legislating. ALL it does is let politicians stand up and SOUND like they're trying to do things.

  3. Somehow, I think this is a smokescreen, like Holder saying he's going to prosecute someone big, or Conyers always saying hollow shit. I'm a pessimist, though.

    99 bottles of beer on the wall....

  4. Take one down and pass it around... and there's still 99 bottles of beer on the wall....

  5. Conyers always saying hollow shit

    I gave up waiting on that bus about 2 years ago!


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