19 November 2009

predictably ineffectual

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I was up late again last night, reading a long piece about the wonders of Larry Summers -- and the other fiscal titans on Obama's team, most notably Rahmbo, who may not know a dollar from his asshole, but knows what he can make happen in Congress -- and the difficulties, the grave exercise in humility, of turning planning into action in the political arena. Let's just forget that such journalism is but ancestral barnswoggle made new, still delusion itself, our most-honored and all-American tradition, to point out, yet again, that truth is not contained in words. It's in deeds. It's in what actually takes place. All you sophists who wax urbane about there being no truth, or asking whose truth, just shut up and sit down. Stop. Look.

Obama is screwing up badly.

And when I say "Obama" or "Obummer", I'm both speaking of the man himself and the entirety of the administration he heads. I'm speaking of his capitulation to corrupt monsters. Doesn't excuse him that we all know he'd prefer everything to be rosy and everyone to have enough to get by. He won't venture the courage to make that manifest.

So while he is not the problem, he IS the prime unmover for the solution, and richly deserves my ire.

[And this comports almost perfectly with what I took away from the piece on Summers and company. They made the conscious decision to slow our slide, rather than turn it around, because, say they, they didn't think they could get Congress to agree to what it would take to turn it around. They made a political calculation -- which keeps the rich rich, and slows the destinies of the not rich -- instead of doing whatever it takes to save the not rich from ruin. Howz that working out for you?]



  1. and slows the destinies of the not rich


    Just found out the "Stimulus" Federal Tax Withholding adjustment we got in April - a whopping $19/week combined for my wife and I - wasn't set up right for married couples causing us to have to repay $400!

    How's that for destiny?

  2. That sounds just about precisely as I'm reporting....

  3. This pales in comparison to $12 billion cash on forklifts in Iraq that "went missing" (wink wink)

  4. Since we have more contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq than we have troops, I don't know how yer figgering dat one, Danny... honestly... I don't.


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