30 November 2009

we interrupt this program to announce -- updated

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... that 99 is in the middle of doing all kine heavy duty troubleshooting on her SECOND brand new iMac with a computer genius somewhere in Canada. So image manipulating capabilities and scores of other things are not happening until we get this figured out.

I have to spend most of my time trying to make the lockup-and-honking-at-me thing happen in "vanilla mode" and so who the heck knows WHAT will happen... or when....

While I'm away, or limping along, or flipping out... please alert the entire internet about my need for a wealthy socialist gentleman. This is not a drill.


[And, heck, give Robert Plant a listen on this one... since we're here anyway....]


8:30pm -- By some miracle, I guess, it did not take me long to reproduce the problem in vanilla and got to talk to my tech genius again before he got off shift. They are sending me a bigger, faster, more gigs of RAM replacement... AND my tech genius will walk me through porting all my settings from this machine to that one... assuming, of course, it lives that long.

So. If I suddenly go silent for longer than usual, I'm dead in the water and waiting for my white knight.

I think, actually, that my hair has turned white today. I'm afraid to look. Anyway, now I have to run around and bump into walls and the post office and store and stuff before I completely lose track of everything.


  1. Well I hope it all comes out good.
    MY fav Actress
    Good luck on the Search and let me know if he has a sister.

  2. Hey, wait! I thought you said you had a husband? Hello? Whut? Whut?


  3. Oh No. Not your New iMac!

    A few of you may remember I got hit by virut.ce back in July, and was literally formatting C: on July 4th 2009 because it killed my Q6600

    My Drive cloning policy (Part of my new security strategy I had to sit down and figure out), has worked out to be rock solid.

    In the hope that it might help someone else.
    I'll repeat the main security policy points.

    1. IPCop with Red+green+Orange connected to a 16 port 100Mbps switch

    2. Operating system Drive + Programs get cloned at each stage of reinstalling and debugging, over the course of four months

    3. A software firewall on windows boxes, this especially helps with installing as any worms are picked right up.
    (I choose Kaspersky Internet Security)

    4. http://www.keepassx.org/
    KeePassX (Cross Platform Password Manager)
    I use it for all passwords. email, ftp, https, putty, ssh. (The only discipline here is when you UPDATE your database with a new entry you need to back it up somewhere besides your machine)

    5. VM's Three VM OS's for each workstation.

    red vm - reset on reboot for browsing the dangerous parts of the web. Proxies and other hacks added.
    yellow vm - blogging, web mastering, shopping
    green vm - banking

    I used VirtualBox by Sun (which doesn't cost anything to download)

    and Ubuntu for the vm os's.
    (ubuntu doesn't cost anything to download)

    Advice: build these slowly, debug them, get them updated and working, then clone and change the IP Numbers and hostname's so they don't conflict from workstation to workstation.



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