15 December 2009

the audacity of hubris

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As I may have mentioned, I am unable to listen to Obama's speeches anymore. They very quickly turned into sounds that made my insides trade places as badly as when Dubya ever opened his yap, and, indeed, looking at him is as injurious to my system now too. In fact, I think I would rather listen to Dubya about now, amazing as that sounds. But I've been forced to hear some snippets of that travesty in Norway the other day, and the fucker invoked Dr. King, whose corpse he is unfit to emulate, and in such a way as to attempt to diminish those precious utterances from the life of an historically great soul. Obama tried to put them in the service of the slaughter he insists on reifying in some beyond-American-exceptionalism kind of "change" and I "hope" he gets blasted by a bolt of lightning the next time this pusillanimous little murderer dares allude to any hero... except maybe if we find him groveling at their graves, pleading with the cosmos for forgiveness for this stinking audacity... and probably not even then.

He thinks the arc of the universe bends toward justice with the use of drones to bomb innocents to Kingdom Come, and giving torturers a walk if they tortured for us, and feeding us to plutocrats to keep them as fat as ever can be, no matter WHAT suffering we must endure, or for how long, toward that end. If there ever existed a man LESS deserving of any use of Martin's authority, I can't think who that might be.


  1. Grant Lawrence over at opednews summed up the speech in under ten words:
    "All I am saying is give war a chance."

  2. That's a pretty good one, but I want one even more scathing. I want one that cuts his heart out and feeds it to Dick Cheney... one that disses him so hard he evaporates.


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