15 December 2009

nightmares about my main monk

[click image]

Oh, right, I start remembering what I dream when it's my main monk deciding he's gay and becoming a street hairdresser instead of a guitar god with his head so far up his ass about enlightening being that his arms have been subsumed in it as well, and me trying to convince him that I'm a size six again so he doesn't have to be such a jackass anymore. Typical. Typical. Typical. I'd not have to fight to remember something as offensive as all that....


  1. 'Sperimentin' like mad.....

    What happens when you have the expression you want but lighting for shit? How much noise reduction makes it not distractingly awful and still catches the expression? That sort of thing....

  2. Ya,

    and then you finally get it just right only to look at it later and go WTF?

    I have one like that now - in my mind it is exactly what I want, when I look at it it leaves me flat.

    Plus I cant think of something to go with it either!



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