18 December 2009

climate criminals

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... and war criminals... and traitors... utterly, utterly as disgraceful as if this image were Dubya and Condi going from shutting down one meeting to shutting down the next... complete with another load of shit speech from Obama... only THIS time he TELLS us repeatedly how much better action is than talk... on his way in to go tell everyone they can talk till they're blue but we're not going to actually DO anything.

They've already run the numbers from our position on this. It leaves us with 770 ppm instead of the target ideal 350 and at least 3 degrees Celsius [5.4 degrees Fahrenheit] instead of 1.5. And, let me be clear, and make no mistake, these are conservative numbers. As it stands, this is utter disaster for millions, and quite probably for every living thing.

If climate were a bank, we would have already solved the crisis....

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