18 December 2009

we gotta scream like banshees to kill this fascist healthcare ruse

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It's the only sane option left to us. If they want healthcare reform to their credit, they bloody well have to provide actual healthcare and not just shove mandatory health insurer enrichment down our throats and call it good.

I mean, WHERE do you draw the line? HOW much of this crap do you TAKE?


  1. Even MoveOn has come out against it. Olbermann's scathing special comment was good to hear.

  2. I'll have to look for Olbermann's thing then. Moyers had Taibbi on with some jackass who STILL, despite acknowledging Obama's peerless cynicism, thinks the bill should go through. Fucking depressing. Maybe Olbermann, who is really just a suit full of hot air, can actually cheer me up.

    I tell you, those chemtrails are full of one fuck of an awful hallucinogen.

    This is so far beyond the pale I can only sputter in utter disbelief... even as I can see clearly exactly what is going on... and so can everyone else. We should have his head on a pike! And we CAN'T believe it!


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