01 December 2009

the consensus

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... for all the good it does us....

Glenn Greenwald


Michael Moore:

War President

Obama: 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan

Obama: "We Did Not Ask for This Fight"
Bush: "We Did Not Seek This Conflict"
Obama: "New Attacks are Being Plotted as I Speak"
Bush: "At This Moment ... Terrorists are Planning New Attacks"
Obama: "Our Cause is Just, Our Resolve Unwavering"

Bush: "Our Cause is Just, Our Coalition [is] Determined"
Obama: "This Is No Idle Danger, No Hypothetical Threat"

Bush: "The Enemies of Freedom Are Not Idle"
Obama: "We Have No Interest in Occupying Your Country"
Bush: "I Wouldn't Be Happy if I Were Occupied Either"

CodePink | SDS | United for Peace & Justice | World Can't Wait
And I'm sure there will be staggeringly many more to add. I even snatched something out of the side of my eye from the MSM saying "Bush Lite".


  1. Well, really, rightwingers & teabaggers should LOVE Obama, right?

  2. That whirring sound you hear is Alfred Nobel spinning in his grave.


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