01 December 2009

watch home with me instead of obummer

[click image, video, hour and a half]


  1. I got 1/3 of the way through before the dinner bell rang.

    Amazing photography - cinematography actually - at times I find myself trying to figure out if the images are real or computer animations. Most are obviously real, but some things are just plain outright surreal!

    Hard to take one's eyes off of!

  2. And I really wasn't planning on watching it with O'Bummer, I'd much rather watch it with you!

  3. I should have said, "watch 'home' instead of obummer with me"... but I was losing my composure....

  4. It's gorgeous. Gorgeous.

    Mom called with a really awful PC problem that has taken up all this time and I have ten more minutes of it to finish... hoping the lockup and honking thing doesn't pick now to go off on me again....

    New upgraded machine is on its way.....

  5. No! No! But but but....Breitbart said...the emails! FOX "news" said...

  6. Finally finished the movie. Awesome - depressing, but a glimmer of hope in the last 13 minutes.

  7. Dazzlingly beautiful. Even the ugly stuff was so beautiful you couldn't really believe it.


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