01 December 2009

i woke up to pleasant surprises from apple

[click image]

I had begun to think Apple might not be Apple anymore, which was threatening to break my heart, but, here I am blearily reading emails from them that put me positive this was just a cosmic wrinkle and Apple is really Apple still after all.

I may live.

I'm sure our government has perpetrated all kine absolutely brain-powderizingly awful stuff today, but... well... guess what? I'm not going to look until after I go giddily beg use of a local fax machine and kick up my heels a little in this spurt of vitality from a sense of renewed hope.

Buy a Mac.


  1. Hi Neuf, glad your gizmo's working. I hate the damn things, sit in front of one all day.

    I have a question, a really stupid one, but here is. Does it cost money to have a blog like this, with a clock that ticks and photos and all those links? And if so, does a stripped down blog like ATR cost less money?



    I know, I know... humor me.

  2. It does not cost a penny. Here. I'm on Google's free blogging platform -- "Blogger" -- and must sacrifice control over a lot of things to do it this way.

    I don't know how much it costs for ATR's hosting or even what software he's using. I don't know if he wrote his blog template or paid somebody to do it for him. It could be anywhere between, say, $30 a month and hundreds a month, depending....

    There are lots of cheap hosting services out there now, or people can use their own server, which is expensive.

    I'm going to have to just break down and say I'm clueless about the cost of ATR. I don't know if he is depending on it for his income or anything. I only just this last week started visiting regularly, paying real attention, needful as I have felt for that company.

  3. If you click on the clock it will take you over to where you can get the embed code to put one on your own blog....

  4. Thanks much. I've always wondered. Amazing that you can create all this for free (although with Google nothing is truly free). What an odd world we inhabit. Don't have time to do it myself, only able to observe.

    I assume you are an artist, given the very stylish look of your site.

    Anyway, I'm watching HOME on the other screen, v. cool. Volcanoes!

    Ever see this? Blew my mind.



  5. Oarwell...

    Wow, that video is awesome! Too bad it seems to stop before it was done.

  6. I'm still on my faulty machine and can't watch yer vid until I finish a bunch of stuff.

    I'm a writer who thinks she might rather be a regular artist, but whose friend is trying to get her to be a web designer.

    Anyway. I'll get to this video as soon as I can. Thanks. xoxox

  7. Ya'r almost starting to have a smile now!

  8. And the new one's environmentally friendly too!

  9. I am indeed starting to feel a spot of pre-relief.... Just that Apple is not being obtuse about this, and being extra-kind in the upgrade and not charging my card again while waiting for the return of the defective model... makes me think they really ARE still my Apple... and after being this freaked and worried, this is very heartening.

  10. Oarwell

    Seems the guy doesn't think any more of "civilization" than I do! :-P

  11. Well, Apple stinks just like the rest of them. It's just that instead of a final screwing, they actually did what they were supposed to do in the first place. They should give you all your money back and let you keep the computer.

  12. They should let you have 1 billion dollars and make you Sec. of Blogs

    Big Dan--that Tiger Woods swoosh face was hilarious. Too bad about his speech last night.
    Escalade sounds like escalation, maybe that's the meme. Or ominous talisman. Or sumthin.

    Oarwell, who more and more thinks the aboriginal concept of 'dreamtime' is real, and keeps waiting to wake up.


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