23 December 2009

did we did end up with the danish text or did we didn't?

[click image]

I mean, not that it makes any difference to the planet, for sure, but maybe knowing could end up inspiring some people to bypass these lying sacks in the government.

Could somebody, please print out these puppies, The Danish Text and The Final Non-Binding Accord, and tell me if there's a lick of difference? I'm so way down to the bone on toner and just scramble up when flipping from window to window, but since so much unmitigated crap is coming out about this, among a lot of other things, I'd like to have a better idea about exactly who is telling the truth and who is just making it up. I mean, I'm pretty sure I know already, but this is getting baroque to say the least. We need this baseline, I think.

Or maybe I will be able to see again after I've had some SLEEP....

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