23 December 2009

most accounts focus on the travel delays

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Dozens freeze to death in Poland over weekend
21 December 2009

At least 42 people froze to death in Poland over the weekend as temperatures plunged to as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius in parts of the country, police said in Warsaw on Monday.

Berlin, IRNA — Victims were reportedly mainly homeless and drunk people between the age of 30 and 50.

Police urged Poles to alert them, if they saw either homeless or drunk persons lying outdoors.

Meanwhile, police [were] searching for empty houses, garden-sheds and city parks to re-locate the homeless to shelters.

At least, 71 people froze to death in Poland since the beginning of this month.

The arctic freezing weather is expected to last through the middle of this week.

There are about half this many reported frozen to death on the streets in Ukraine, too, but, well, trust me, I looked at a bunch of pieces and the focus is on the flight delays and traffic problems across Europe.

Just lovely.

What's really bothering me, ancillary to this dreadful news, is how little mention of this stuff happening here there is in our press with all the blizzards and whiteouts reported, right in the middle of record homelessness. Don't tell me it's because it isn't happening. Don't hand me that.


  1. Aw, c'mon, 99, you know the USA is Number One. We all do. It's always been that way. Unfortunately, since the Raygun coup, we've been getting nothing but Number Two rained down on us daily, all our live-long lives. Man,I don't rue my service to the emergent evil empire personally, as I benefited greatly from it, but it sure does suck in ethical terms to have supplied one more body (mind, in my case, although they would have willingly sacrificed my body) to the heinous cause.

    There's no FORCED homelessness in 'murika, or inherited, for that matter, just like queerdom - it's all voluntary, purely a matter of choice. The US of A(holes) is paradice, and if you want to be a gajillionaire all you have to do is work real hard. ARBEIT MACHT FREI!!!!!

  2. Thanks Bippy for the :)

  3. I'm grateful as hell I have a roof over my head and was able to figure out a way to starve myself into a new and working computer and I still have all my fingers and toes... and my teeth... albeit they took a beating there while I was suffering from rickets... and it's pretty safe to say that I have these things in part because of the good will of my fellow Americans... but it's too damn true that if I lost them it would almost instantly turn into purely a matter of it having been my own choice to fuck up so apocalyptically. Humans can be transcendentally wonderful... in the most amazing ways... and the very same humans can also turn into the most coldhearted herd animal, space lizard acolytes, you couldn't even cook up in a nightmare. It's beyond astonishing. I NEVER get used to it!


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