21 December 2009

dragged my sorry ass up outta bed while it was still morning-ish

[click image of radiant woman waiting for coffee and wondering why it's so hard to see the screen]

... even put on my clothes and took a proof image of the perky wreckage to leave you with while I managed to get some coffee in me, and go out into the world to get things done... coffee just about done dripping into my cup... image ready to upload... and then the internet connection went down.

Oh, well. I left without bidding you adieu with the above... and returned home to find myself back online... just long enough to answer a couple of emails and then kersploosh out we go again. I know not if even this will post, but, hell....

I was dreaming of being back in my little cabin in the trees again, drawing maps on tourist handouts from there to a place approximately near Kris Kristofferson's ranch down the coast for someone who was annoying me. I was being evicted from there and various authority figures showed up to give me surly looks and generally embody disapproval. It only irked me, took up time. It was even more stupid than this because one of them showed up to use my phone, and got pissed when the battery gave out on him before he could complete his call. I had been on a long call before that and the battery is needing replacing badly and there hadn't been enough time to recharge enough for his call. I handed him the base unit and told him to try that. Anyway, the whole thing was very jumbled... demolition that seemed by turns to be construction all under this pall of being evicted but not gone yet. I ended up in a bathtub anyway. At LEAST I can still bathe in my dreams....


  1. What! That's ME only moments after leaping out of bed and into street clothes, just having swallowed a bunch of pills and turned on my coffee water... all pleased with myself for impersonating awareness. I couldn't figure out why my monitor was so fuzzy! This terrifying image answers that! It's just too damn mordantly perfect not to post it, scary as hell as it is....

  2. I mean, sheesh, you can still see the pillow print on my face!

  3. I looked at it again.

    It's still scary.

  4. Remember when you would buy a computer and it would come with all the disks for the operating system and the preloaded programs?

    Crap, anymore you get nothing and have to make your own recovery disks! 3 hours and 6 DVD disks later I can put my daughter's Christmas present back in the box and wrap it.

    One down, one to go!

    These will be their only brand new ones, over the last ten years or so they have received ones that I put together with salvaged parts or hand me downs when I got a new computer.

    I wasn't about to sink much into them since within a month or two they have them so crapped up with malware and viruses that I have to reformat them and start over.

    The younger one, when she was 8, got into the bios, turned off the hard drive, passworded the bios then exited and saved it. The next time she turned it on...

    Daddy, my computer doesn't work. I tried everything I could to fix it, but couldn't get past the password - told it was broken and she would have to wait for another. Several weeks later I found out that if you take out the motherboard battery it removes the pasword so I was able to get it working again.

    They've finally got it sunk in to use security measures and not just download anything that comes along so I spent the bucks this year - blew my whole Christmas bonus on them, but now they are on their own, no more computers from dad.

  5. Oh, wait a minute!

    Where am I?

    I thought I was at Danny's!


  6. Yer worse at night than I am in the morning...... :-P

  7. No kidding!

    This damn cold has me all wacky...

    If it weren't for the fact I have no fever I'd swear some damn pig flew over and peed in my cheerrios!

  8. Damn, you look like you almost want to smile.

    You just woke up? Did you wake and bake with the coffee? Visine gets the red out!


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