20 December 2009

the immortal inbox

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That's my bellybutton... OMG!

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  1. Oh God - teen sex - sheesh the tribulations.

    I was about 17 and a girlfriend and I were elected to take our younger brothers and sisters to the movie. - Snow White.

    Sitting in the theater my friend and I were all hugging on each other. My arm ended up around the back of her neck and over her shoulder. The tension was almost too much to bear as I worked up the courage to squeeze my first boob.

    Slowly positioning my hand, sweating, heart throbbing, I finally gave it her a gentle squeeze.

    She instantly jumped up, screamed my full name at the top of her lungs, moved over 5 seats and slammed down in the seat.

    I was left crushed with everyone in the theater staring at me!



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