30 December 2009

one last night hassling with the chat room

[click image]

In a little over an hour you can find me at the image link.... I forgot this stint was only for three nights this time. A mercy on me really. Too much noise and things flashing on my screen....

I don't see Jane Hamsher's name up there for a guest interview tonight, and I'm gonna have to go with the word "pusillanimous" to describe the humble citizen journalist guest host... unless I pick "shill"....

Meanwhile, I'm going for a nice bracing walk!

Oh! And most excellent that I decided to take that tromp! The local store had my brandy on sale for eight bucks, four cheaper than usual, and, ho ho ho, I decided to make my coffee for tonight a LOGGERS MARTINI... which is coffee and cream and sugar and vanilla and brandy [or rum]... usually accomplished by putting a Starbucks frappuccino and booze into their morning coffee thermoses for the ride home from the woods... and, according to the moment, all ingredients for this martini are optional except the booze. I'm celebrating my shit-kicker roots in a big way this season!

And the MOON is up already and it looks full already and it's gorgee as heck already... and I haven't even gotten in a full sip of my logger martini yet.


  1. You're losing your color!

  2. You weren't going to want to see how wan I'd've become by Friday!!!

    Moon's up out there and it looks full already. GORGEOUS.

  3. Yes!

    I grabbed my new binoculars - present from my daughter - put on my new insulated flannel jacket with hood - from other daughter - and went out to check it out.

    Awesome - while I was looking, a flock of geese went by, several of them crossing the face of the moon.

    Makes my night!

  4. Yep was just outside checking it out from my hot tub:) I bought some rum for the morning coffee for my first day not at work. I'll be poor but hopefully healthy to may be enjoy more of lifes events like this. Dinner time.

  5. Hot tub - curse you!

    Mine died long ago. :(

  6. Wasn't even 1 year old before it started having problems. Went to the store where I bought it - gone - out of business - Sheriff's seizure notice on the door.

    It lasted about 3 years before the circuit board in the control panel fried. By that point the tub was getting all kinds of big bubbles in it, the cover was shot and the gazebo was falling apart. Wasn't worth the $350 bucks for a new circuit board. (That was just for the part from a pool supply store where the guy felt sorry for me and offered to sell it to me at his cost.)

  7. I guess I left Brad's chat room a little abruptly last night...

    I walked away from the computer and when I retuned it had been stolen from me and the chat window was closed. There was only about 5 minutes left so I didn't bother pushing the theif out of the chair.

  8. Did you drink too much of that Logger's Martini and fall off the cliff?

    I mean, running, screaming, naked off it is one thing, but falling off...

  9. Problems keeping the power today.

    I got pretty loopy last night, but put SO little booze in each drink that I could make it through okay.

    Listened to some guy drone on about ecigs. Read my magazines.

    Bumping into walls.

    Not fallen off cliff.

  10. I'm going to a friend's to party tonight - leaving soon. Rin & Kae are off to Frisco to see Bob Weir and Meg is having some friends over here.

  11. Wish you could hang here with me, but I'm probably going to lose power again anyway... damn windy.... Have fun!

  12. I'll see if your around later - one-ish.

  13. No moon tonight! :(

    Overcast - supposed to rain.


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