31 December 2009

people freaking about jane teaming with norquist against our enemy

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You have three friends and three enemies.
Your friends are
your friend,
the friend of your friend,
and the enemy of your enemy.
Your enemies are
your enemy,
the enemy of your friend,
and the friend of your enemy.

—Counsels of Ḥaḍrat 'Alī
[translated by Thomas Cleary]
Disregarding the deeper meaning of this quote from a sage, it states clearly how Norquist is a great team member for dealing with Rahm Emanuel and other enemies of decency and progress.

If you take off the two party thing, the right/left thing, and look at in terms of who is causing us harm, who is our enemy, right now that would be Rahm Emanuel and other fascists in power, regardless of party affiliation. Norquist is the enemy of our enemy in this mess, and that makes him our friend in terms of fighting these fuckers with a lock on power. After we beat them we can go back to being enemies, or have learned from each other and remain friends instead of enemies.

You prefer to keep losing because you don't want to see that clearly? Those guys are too icky? They think the same of you.

Actually, since Norquist had the sense to take Jane up on her offer, I'm going to have to remind everyone that he may be more clear-eyed than most of us.


  1. have learned from each other and remain friends instead of enemies.

    I champion that idea!

  2. BLESS YOUR HEART!!!!!!!

  3. Perhaps you wouldn't mind going over to Ernie's Harman/Winograd post and mentioning that!!!!!!!!

  4. From FDL - near the end:

    in the wake of the reality that the health care bill presents both about President Obama and the Democratic party

    Something missing...
    Both what?
    Did I miss something?
    Or is it the 60 thing again?

  5. Well, I think I know what she means, but that was not a very well-written paragraph....

  6. Ernie's Harman/Winograd post

    Where dat?

  7. At BB. Don't want to link those shills again right now!

  8. Left a little something there.


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