24 December 2009

quite a little bit country and rock 'n' roll

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I’ve been agonizing of late over the despicable bigotry of today’s liberalism. There just isn’t any other way to put it clearly. That’s what it is. These jackasses acting precisely as the conservatives they reviled under Dubya did so stupidly short a while ago. At best, and identically nauseatingly as when the Republicans do it, they mouth some disingenuous allegiance to the first amendment, and only when pressed to acknowledge our shared citizenship, but still seething with their own hallucinations of righteousness as the unmeant words spit from between their lips. I want to be able to travel everywhere with a huge mirror and klieg lamp. This is astonishingly obtuse stuff coming from so many who pride themselves in their intellectual acumen.

I have seen that a great deal of the problem is the politics of lifestyle, of suburban or metropolitan sensibility completely out of touch with small town America and maybe, really, all that is lacking is for me to charter a bus, fill it with these idiots and take them on a very long field trip with long stops in many towns. Rodeos. Bar scenes. High school football games. Grange Hall dances. Livestock. Grain silos. Picnics. Beauty parlors. Cafes. Just keep them at it till they stop looking for a subway station and settle down.

Yes, yes, I’m weird. The old cross between The Cherokee Nation and the D.A.R. thing. But yeesh. My teeth are on edge. How stupid can smart people be? I way so get how the hillbillies can bitch about intellectuals with no common sense. Yes, I damn do. I even think it is the liberals who are really bigger bigots than the shit-kickers.

Even though, yes, I grew up in Marin County and lived in the fanciest of neighborhoods, my grandfather was a dairyman, owned huge chunks of Marin, before he gambled it all away. I was in the 4-H Club. Our family belonged to TTR, Tamalpias Trail Riders, and would go for long, long, long overnight rides many times a year. Yes, it was almost all white people, but only almost. I remember one black guy vividly. We all could see he was black, but we also saw the boots and hat. He rode all day with us and sang around the fire all night with us. Rolled out his sleeping bag not discernibly differently than any of the rest of us. There were usually at least fifty of us on those rides, from every race and background and political leaning, and, I’m sorry, there just wasn’t anything approximating alienation going on for any of us in any of that.

I had a boyfriend who lived in a very small town in the Sierra. He was the only indian in town, and, whoa, my knees still go jello thinking about how beautiful he was. He’d spent his entire life there, and it made me mad to hear his redneck buddies hollering, “Chief, chief!” when they were looking for him, but, well, they were looking for him because they didn’t want to go about whatever fool errand they were about without him. So, you assholes, I’m gonna have to say even that doesn’t count.

People got mad at me for being so bowled over by Sarah Palin’s big opening gambit at the RNC last year, but they couldn’t understand that I knew she was lying her head off, totally full of shit, but she nailed it, sang to every good ol’ boy and girl across this continent. She was Tammy Wynette singing a Kenny Rogers or Hank Williams tune. And maybe you associate all that with stupid and racist but those stupid and racist hicks love Charley Pride and Ray Charles as much as they love Patsy Cline... and if there really are more racist Republicans it’s only because all the Democratic racists moved into their party when Johnson enforced desegregation. That doesn’t mean the not racist Republicans like them any better than they did before.

That doesn't mean everyone who was galvanized by her opening bid is a stupid Bible-thumping liar. That doesn't mean using the political strategy of keeping the circus of her stupid Bible-thumping lying alive all this time is anything in which decent people would wish to engage. That doesn't mean dissing the living snot out of your mad-as-hell-and-not-gonna-take-it-anymore fellow citizens for the disinformation that's stoking their wrath is anything better than laughing and pointing while the house burns down around your ears.

Not even worrying that homosexuality might spread is partway as ugly and stupid as the filthy things you get called when you feel the need to put the brakes on the bullet train of debauchery we call “culture” these days, but that’s probably too recondite for people so full of themselves against the cheap tricks pulled by all those heavily-compensated clowns working full-time to help the Republican Fascists take it back from the Democratic Fascists. They can scream about the “corporatism” of Democratic officials just fine, but at the very same time, seamlessly simultaneously, they come out swinging in defense of Democratic Policy, impervious to the fact that this is as obvious a defense of Fascists as any of those well-paid clowns they revile. In fact, they can be heard screaming like banshees that they’re not getting paid for it like the circus act on the right!

If it got any plainer they’d be squished by the elephant in the outhouse with them. But no.

Well, idiots, small town America can see it. And what the fuck does it matter if Sarah Palin is the one selling us all into slavery and the apocalypse instead of Mister O-Dacity himself? I’ll answer that for you.

It doesn’t matter at all.

Oh, you think it looks more dignified when he's doing it?

Is that right?


I spent part of last night listening to some idiots stumping for this travesty “healthcare reform” bill, and dissing Jane Hamsher for trying to impede it, when she’s all about making it happen for real... the fuckin‘ dangerous dolts. Wanted to reach in through the tubes and throttle ‘em... the old sellout labor boss and his pet radio talker shill. They couldn’t hear themselves, couldn’t hear how the ten billion dollars for neighborhood clinics that sold them on this crap doesn’t erase the millions more Americans going to die of no healthcare coverage AS they pay their mandatory premiums.

I spend part of every day and night attending to the threads where deaf, dumb and blind “progressives” spend almost every keystroke engaged in expression identical to that of those they reviled for this precise thing during the last administration. Almost every single attempt to shed some light on that is met with some incarnation of yes-but-we’re-right-and-they’re-evil-liars-and-that-makes-it-important. Nobody stops to hear themselves. Nobody can SEE themselves.

OR each other.

It scares me that it’s the Zen that has set me free and that there might be less than one tenth of one percent of the people on this planet who can ever, ever get here. All this work for all these decades has NOT been for me.

I did it for you....

They LOVE, they FEEL, they HOPE, they WORK, they CRY.

They are each every bit as good a person as you.

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