17 February 2010

chic cotton cashmere blends for 99 and destitution for us all

[click image for Part I][click image for Part II]

[Would have been optimal if I'd remembered to put the links into the image code. Sorry. All fixed now.]

I woke up with a monster headache. I didn't want to think about the world. My birthday is approaching. And I need some sprucing up in the sweater department. So I damn well took some high test ibuprofen and shopped the tubes for a couple new sweaters.

I linked Part I here a couple days ago, but Part II is now up and if you missed the first one, now's yer chance to catch both of these grim reports about our dire future... our dire present.

I'm not much into looking at the news today and so am only doing it in fits and blasts. I see we have ANOTHER bullshit objection to the Ukraine election result. We fell for it in 2004 and I hope we don't fall for it again. That was a monster mistake and it set everyone back who didn't realize it was our agents provocateurs stoking the infamous Orange Revolution, and that crap about the Russians poisoning Yushenko was just that. Crap.

I don't care.

I saw something about the latest house full of dead Afghan civilians is suspected to have filled with dead persons on purpose.

I noticed some bullshit political ploy by Obama, but I've already forgotten what it was. [Oh, oh, yes, this... pfeh.]

Usually my lights come on by 8 or 9pm. Maybe I will be moved to blog about some of this stuff then.


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