17 February 2010

i was ten, going on eleven

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I took one look at him and said, "He didn't do it." His expression was this amazing mixture of rage and bewilderment and stoicism and other things I don't know how to express, but I was dirt positive about it the moment I saw him on tv. So maybe you can imagine how I felt when he was assassinated the next day. I loved Kennedy and was plenty upset about that, but this patsy being slaughtered upset me as much at the time... maybe still does, just for different reasons.

I linked this because it is good counterpoint to our fascist media... a reminder... evidentiary....

But in doing so I came across a playlist of Oswald's mother reading letters he'd sent her from Russia, and thought you might be interested in those too.

I'm home. All unpacked and here. Cried my head off having to leave Poppa again. I think I must have messed up my sinuses from all that crying because dropping down off the Coast Range into Crescent City tonight my ears were popping like crazy. I stopped at the grocery store there and my ears kept popping the whole time I was there and kept it up until I was almost home. That was pretty weird. But anyway I made it home in one piece and so did Goldie.

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