09 February 2010

for all those of you who spend too much time yonder

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Seems yer bickering over the word "intellectual" when used as a put down. Seems you like to define the word for people. Well, next time they piss you off by using that word to put you down, just tell them the word they are groping for is "sophist".
sophist | noun
a paid teacher of philosophy and rhetoric in ancient Greece, associated in popular thought with moral skepticism and specious reasoning.
• a person who reasons with clever but fallacious arguments.
They'll thank you for it and you might get a glance in the mirror for fucking once, a clue about what yer using all yer brains doing... instead of what you only think you are doing.

Way too many bright people covering up their ignorance and lack of understanding with smartass statements and parroting liberal talking points as though they were meant for ANYTHING beside political advantage for asshats who won't do anything but take money from plutocrats in exchange for fucking us all... and CALLING it "democracy".

So the LEAST you could do is straighten your fellows out with the right term.

It IS what they mean, and you oughta listen.

You bitch and piss and moan about what stubborn dolts they are, lapping up lies and taking to the streets with them. Well, they know what they mean, but they aren't good at the right word for it. They know they don't want to listen to the sophists who got us in this mess, but the people filling in the blanks for them are fucking with their heads too... using the grapevine and the radio and tv to pickle them with. You could become part of their grapevine, quit being such a judgmental fuck and SEE that at the base of it all, they want the SAME stuff you do. Look around. Why in the hell are you putting them down for not trusting government? Has there been a trustworthy government in your WHOLE life? WILL there EVER be one if we don't grab control back from these murderating fucks? Jackass! Jackass! Jackass!


Yer boxing yer own shadow while Godzilla is bearing down on you with his space lizard fangs.

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