23 February 2010

i'm sure they'd prefer the much more vivacious presidente 99

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Don't you think? Who would want cosmetics for a president? I'm sure that now the world can see me in all my vision-of-erudition glory, it will want me to be in charge, want me to put it straight once and for all. That is the ultimate aim of my blog.

This business with reporting stuff like our paid terrorist agents in Iran is just filler until the world recognizes what's good for it.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIGuxqQ8t24

  2. Last weekend I need to let my mind just marshmallow out so I sat down and watched Clam Bake...

    The boat that Elvis built and raced was #99!

  3. Ok, I got as far as need - hadn't typed the ed yet - when my phone rang. It was my daughter who had just left with the girl she is watching tonight. She was driving the girl's parent's van and it wouldn't start - dead battery. Dim lights, wont start.
    So I went out - in the pouring down rain mind you - and turned my truck around and hooked up some jumper cables. After letting it charge a few minutes I had her try it. It turned over once but didn't start. Another five minutes of charging - turned over twice. So I sat in my truck for ten more minutes listening to the Cowboy Junkies and watched the rain on the windshield.
    Tried again after ten minute charge - nothing - not a sound, no click or anything. But the lights are working.
    So now standing in the rain, digging around the engine compartment looking for a loose wire, I find nothing.
    So I get in and try the key - no luck. I get back out, creaming my shin on the stupid hard plastic map cubby protruding from the door. Another drenching look under the hood then back into the drivers seat. I turn on the headlights so I can see the instrument panel...

    She had it in REVERSE!

    Somehow during that ten minute charge she shifted it to reverse!

  4. Send the parents a bill for emergency road service from BB Automotive. ;)

  5. Yeah, except I think it was his OWN daughter who needed the emergency road service because she was trying to start the car when it wasn't in "park"......

    Agent BB2 took up international espionage with me because it is restful next to his family life....


  6. I know that, but it cranked before putting it in "P", just not enough to start, so her employer's van needed the road service while being used in the course of her employment. Employer should pay, not daughter.

  7. Aw, he's a big pushover, totally huggable huge blue fuzzy guy.... They'll save his bacon someday... or someone else will because of his long-suffering karma....

  8. Agent BB2 took up international espionage with me because it is restful next to his family life....



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