23 February 2010

my new glasses arrived, and i look just like piglips now

[click images — that deaf dumb and BLIND kid sure plays a mean pinball]

Went to the doctor today. My first try at the county medical clinic. There are only four or five physicians in the entire county and they all have waiting lists miles long. The critical care clinic is not good for much beside sitting on something hard for a really long time to see someone who is unerringly clueless and unerringly forwards you across the street to the ER, where, they are more importantly clueless and only the cosmos intervening ever saves you from whatever has befallen you there. So. If you are not prepared to drive for hours to see a doctor, you try to get hooked up with the county medical clinic... which, thankfully, is vast... and well-staffed.

I started out telling the doctor to just write down that I am weird, that no matter how unbelievable it might seem for average humans, it's almost always how it is with me. Spent my whole appointment telling him my medical history, and he peered in my ears and down my throat, listened to my lungs and heart, felt my pulses in my feet, made up a very long wish list for labs and exclaimed, "Yer RIGHT! Yer very, very weird."

So far, so good. Maybe this will work out.


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