09 February 2010

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... but I wish you'd take your "hopey changey" doppelgänger to Uruguay with you....


  1. Why do I long for the Good Old Days?

  2. But then he set it up for THIS to happen here...

    But then again there is no "uprising" here.

  3. The uprising should definitely be HERE, not there. Those fuckers, Mousavi and Karroubi are traitors... BOUGHT by the neocons with all that fascist cash. It's as obvious as day and night. I wish they'd hang THEM instead of the idiots who follow them.

    HUGE LIE in that NYT piece. The cops in Iran are NOT shooting first. There are rioters burning their cars, and stations and attacking THEM.... If the regime is arresting people in advance of Thursday now, that is good, will probably keep them alive.

    IRAN CANNOT ERUPT INTO CHAOS! Even if the regime is repressive. The very last hope for a free and self-determined future rests in Iran keeping the peace and stability DESPITE our all-out efforts to tear their society apart.

    I don't happen to think this regime was all that tough for anyone. Seemed to me they had a darn relaxed, for Iran, thing going there, total access to the internet, women walking around looking modern and chic with just token scarves on... and then BOOM! Agent Provocateurs start lighting fire crackers over a NOT STOLEN election and assassinating students and a beautiful young poster girl... and these two sellout old fucks continuing to incite people....


    Wasn't Dubya's idea. He didn't even know Iran was different than Iraq. He just did what he was told. Just like Cinderella's doing now.

  4. He just did what he was told. Just like Cinderella's doing now.

    So true!

  5. I'm watching Nova. They are diving to the bottom of "Blue Holes" - underwater caves in the Bahamas. The top layer of water is fresh water, then a layer of hydrogen sulfide bearing water and below that a layer of oxygen free salt water. They are searching for bones of ancient animals which are perfectly preserved by the oxygen free environment.
    4,000 year old bats and birds etc., even owl pellets bearing the bones of their prey.

  6. Hey thanks for the tip!

    I'll have to catch that one online! Sounds interesting... and probably pretty.

  7. Jesus fuck! THANK YOU! I needed that!


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