22 February 2010

one should be humble to truth alone

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Sy Hersh talking about our covert ops in Iran LONG before the reëlection of Ahmadinejad:

But you forget this stuff—believe it well enough as you are listening—but it's been wiped off your mental slate when then suddenly, out of nowhere, some has-been turns into a wildly popular candidate in the very last days before an election where he'd been polling a flat line through the whole campaign. Out of nowhere, and for the first time ever, there are huge street parties, complete with a color code, and ribbons and balloons and paint in that color being handed out to any who will take them. And for the first time anyone knows about, poor kids are suddenly allowed to mingle with their more privileged counterparts in the nice neighborhood streets of northern Tehran. Scores of posts with stuff like this from Sy Hersh. All these scarily familiar ploys used repeatedly by the CIA. Sudden class solidarity around a tepid has-been candidate. Yet none of this stuff rings a bell before you fly off into a frenzy of MANIPULATED emotion in favor of the freedom fighting kids. Never crosses your mind that fascists know the whole world's chain will be yanked by freedom fighting kids, by some darling and promising one of them being murdered in cold blood on the street. You just can't put together the scores and scores of warnings posted not just here, but all over the left of Blogistan.

Someone dares to rain on your manipulated emotion with protestations of truth and it makes you angry.

The identical thing is being used to set liberals against Tea Parties, and they are responding in the identical manner to all of us who are pleading with them to look at the truth.

I am not kidding. All this stuff I've been linking for so long really has to add up to something beside a certain form of entertainment, something one just passively absorbs without using it to inform decisions and actions aimed at positive manifestation.

This stuff can't be too Zen for you. Can it?


  1. That's what I love about all of this, every one is being played and they don't have clue that they are the ones being played. I try and point this out to others but almost all don't get it. Hoffers True Believers.


    The truth might hurt, but it sets us free. I wish people would sit down and think about how freedom is IMPOSSIBLE if you use it up on delusion. One HAS to be dealing with the real in order to live a TRUE life. We HAVE to deal with the real in order to reverse the trend toward enslavement of the masses... to prevent WWIII... to stop these fuckers from doing all these awful things.

    We don't have a prayer if people cannot strip off the propaganda and mental conditioning. Not an ice cube's chance in hell.

  3. If the house is corrupt, burn the house down!


  4. We need to build a new one and call it The People's House. These fuckers keep forgetting that WE own it.


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