22 February 2010

scott horton interviews will grigg about our police state

[click image]

This is an example of what some pro-Tea Party people talk about. You have this idea that the Tea Parties are all about what the fascist media and the fascist blogosphere say they are. Isn't the whole idea here to transcend this pernicious mental conditioning? Are you so comforted in your smugness that you are not as stupid as these dupes that you do not for the first part of a nanosecond understand that you are also being duped?

Truly boyz and girlz this stubbornness is lethal to all living things.

I'm begging you to crawl out of your mental safe rooms and smell the coffee.

This is TERRIFYING and it is REAL.

If you can't trust these guys, if you can't put it together on the basis of the mountains of stuff I've linked over the last couple years, whut in the hell can I do? Whut in the hell is the sense in me continuing to work so hard to point you to the kind of information, the assimilation of which might save your lives, might save the whole world?




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