19 February 2010

the scotts horton hold forth some more

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Extremely important stuff, and this is the end of my batch of narcissistic image "doodles" for the day... and the gap in my glued cheaters' rim break gets wider by the minute.... Thank you for your patience.


  1. Well *somebody* has to say it.

    Happy Birthday, kiddo!

  2. Shhhhhhhh! DON'T TELL ANYBODY! It's a very closely-held SECRET!

    Do I look 57, or whut? My mother keeps asking me why I post images that make me look so OLD. I'm thinking it is good policy.

    Just got my notice that my new cheaters have begun hurtling toward me... and it is a real nail-biter whether these ones will make it long enough no matter how much glue I use. I'm digging around for old lower power cheaters I can stack on my face to use in the interim.

    Whereas, had you found me my wealthy socialist gentleman, I would have entirely new eyeballs by now and not look this old either!


  3. I've poured a glass of wine for you!

  4. Listening to Scotts while I surf...

    new wave coming.......

  5. Having gained six pounds from two weeks of nuke food and milkshakes with my poppa, I was DETERMINED to go back on the austerity thing, even as it is my secret birthday, but am considering spiking my blueberry smoothie tonight with some brandy....

  6. Way totally yummy, but, actually not as good as with probiotics in them. I have to leave out the probiotics if I do the brandy because, well, booze feeds the bad critters the probiotics are meant to kill off. So there's more than just my diet at stake here. Possibly billions of nefarious little fucks will get to live another day on this account!

  7. It was a secret? Quick, delete the post. What post?

  8. Dang.

    I missed your birthday.

    Happy belated birthday 99!

    Warm hugs,

  9. Well, if you'd stop running off for all those special ops all the time, you wouldn't miss out on thrilling little bits like this!



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