03 February 2010

the space lizards' disguises are melting off

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You have yer pick of all manner of awful stuff in yesterday's broadcast of Democracy Now!, it seems. I'm going to watch it while I try to put together some lunch here in my postage stamp.

Bought one of those prepaid cell phones yesterday and I guess I only have it half working... so I'm also trying to program this sucker to function for me. Sat next to my snoring dad all morning. Scary apnea thing, and he was completely out of it the whole time, so I just sat there and tried to read the instructions for the itty bitty cell phone thing to the beat of his outrageously dysrhythmic inhalations... and the cacophony of aides and senile deaf people out in the hall. Lovely, I know. Makes me glad my father is sleeping through most of it.....



  1. Report: US Drone Attacks Killed 123 Civilians in January

    In other news from Pakistan, the US is being accused of killing dozens of civilians in a record twelve drone attacks last month. The Pakistani newspaper The News is reporting the US botched ten of the attacks, killing 123 civilians and just three al-Qaeda leaders—a ratio of forty-one to one.

    But, but they hate us for our freedom!

  2. I'm just going to have to go with the word that popped into my head, even if it's completely unladylike....



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