03 February 2010

you really, really don't want to miss this—UPDATED

[click image of NOT A LAP BOMBER, audio, 25 minutes]

Take the time, please. Do it.

I'm drillin' this kid's face onto your mind's eye because I'm thinking the more people can associate this stuff with breathing humans, the better. Whether he knew what he was trying to do or not, it's a beautiful, bright kid and how many other universes of possibility were there, would there still be, with him in them if you realize he's as urgently human as you are? There can never be justice, never be a just world, when other beings are cartoon characters.

Barn rats deserve better than this.

[Kurt Haskell's most recent blog post about this....]

[A theory that deserves some attention....]

Nafeez Ahmed series at Boiling Frogs Post: Part I, Part II and Part III.

And here is Ahmed's interview with Peter and Sibel again....

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