07 March 2010

breaking discipline in a fairly big way

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I gained six pounds while visiting my poppa. I came home and immediately took them back off. Then Trish came and I put three of them right back on. Sheesh. So AGAIN it falls to me to hop right back on the austerity thing and I just couldn't quite make myself do it with as much alacrity this quickly. Besides, Mondays seem like much better days to start being tough again, don't they?

I think Laura Linney is a FABULOUS actress. So. I decided on this one... with a coffee/brandy milkshake for dinner....

Well, dammit, there wasn't much Laura Linney to it, but all the acting was very good. I didn't like how the realization of social "inferiority" changed everything, but I did not shrink the screen so as to play computer solitaire while listening to it, glancing at it, so that means it was definitely an above average production. No special effects. No chase scenes. Suspense. Twists. Clues not so subtle as to not even be there, but not beating you over the head either. I'm giving The Other Man a B+.

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