07 March 2010

as though horton and giraldi set out to bolster all my arguments

[click image, audio, mp3, half hour]

Right after I got done with my last post, I proceeded to listen to this interview. These are guys from the conservative end of our bipolar spectrum. Tell me what they are saying that is so offensive to you. Tell me these two aren't completely on our side.


  1. Yep to many neo-con/liberal children in charge and not enough Adults like this and Adm. Mullen who has been in a war unlike betryus/crytsal meth.



  2. Yes. I linked the part about Mullen worrying that the military is too influential in our government back in the post about the Opie skit telling Obama to grow a pair. I didn't do it until a day later, I think, so you might have missed me sticking it in there.

    We SO have to be grateful for any signs of lucidity in the military leadership. It's beyond macabre Obama has Betray Us and Chrystal Meth in charge of ANYTHING... with all we know about those two.

    It's just flat out more evidence, glaring evidence, that Obama is in charge of BUBKES.


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