18 March 2010

GREAT interview

[click image, audio, half hour]

Antiwar is interviewing everyone they can get from the right/left sit-down against the war held a few weeks ago, and I am loving most of what I'm hearing. They're all talking about how much we have to agree on, how great it would be to come together to get this back to some semblance of normalcy—which we do ALL agree on—and THEN hash out our differences on policy once that is accomplished.

There ARE some sensible people left in America! I love how he mentions we lefties should be starting our own tea party chapters! I love how he mentions that Libertarians are pretty much a mix of lefties and righties. I love how he calls us "non-Euclidian". I love that I can find evidence at all of not-so-hypnotized humans applying themselves to the manifestation of SENSE, and lament all that time I wasted waiting for a thoroughly-hypnotized gossip-monger to have an epiphany.

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