25 March 2010

he's only the face

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Obama is the current frontman for the real rulers of the world. So we can paint him any way that suits our mood. It can be anyone. It might as well be Sarah Palin. There is no power to the office at all, unless you count the power to deceive billions of people. If you do not shake off the conditioning to see things through a certain lens and look at what is actually there, you will continue to flail angrily in abjection for the rest of your life.

Herein directly below is Paul Craig Roberts saying good-bye for this very reason. He is not too hypnotized to fail to accept that things are as they are. He’s turning seventy-one in a few days and so is pretty unlikely to now turn to the streets with a pitchfork, and too much of a gentleman to demand it of you who are fitter for the task. He seems to be treating you as an adult who can decide for yourself if you will live in this tyranny whose major weapon against you is to keep the politics so psychedelic you can’t get up off the spinning floor. If you look at what they are generating it is like a scene from The Prisoner, and continuing to look at it through the filter of your upbringing, your whole life full of conditioning to be who you are and where you are, will be the time you do in that same prison.

How many times do I plead with you to step out of what you already think? What do you fear about that? Why do you cling to it as though it IS you? It isn’t. It’s only what you’ve been told, and what you’ve made of what you’ve been told, and how you think it is best to position yourself in relation to these things. None of it needs even to have been a lie, though certainly a lot of it has been exactly that. Even the most innocent bits of it are only approximations, thin slices of wholes too big to be usable for walking around inside a society. Being born in these times is entirely too much like being incarcerated for life. If you cannot learn to drop the conditioning—something that can take a spontaneous instant or decades of ceaseless practice and study—to look at actuality, you are in prison. There are cruel prison guards tormenting you from cradle to grave. There is an endless procession of wardens. And they are all invisible to you.

The only release is in nature, and you never know why, and it never lasts, and it grows more unbearably cruel as you age... not to mention the global steaming garbage patch we’ve made of it, and are not even slowing.

The single most pernicious manmade thing in the creation of this prison planet was the invention of monetary systems... all of them. I think I identified this when I was a teenager and first started really trying my hardest to articulate it when I was twenty-six—to my Yale MBA best friend—and being such a happiness-generating, love machine babe, never got anything for it but patronized. An IQ does not get recognized for its contributions when it’s packed that way.

Believe me.

And believe me about the monetary systems, too. What evil could ever make a human think it fitting to charge people for their existence? And those who have mastered the art of profiting off your birth, your incarceration, the incept date for which they condition you to celebrate with cake and candles every year, have also mastered the means to keep you making them richer and more powerful without bothering with things like bars and locks and razor wire. They broadcast it over the air and in the publications and down this intricate network of tubes.

You get to line up on your favorite side! You get to be a renegade! If you manage to make it to celebrity, you get to make money at being used to keep us so conditioned we never stop making our owners richer, even when we are penniless bumps under bridges! It’s gorgeous! It’s so elegant! It’s so simple! It’s so dirt simple and, at the same time, so intricately baroque no one can ever find their way out of it. No. Seriously. That’s elegance incarnate. No wonder they can think less of you than a used toothpick after a meal.

Think! What could make a creature who will throw itself into a roiling ocean to save a drowning stranger also make its living dropping bombs on sleeping civilians innocent men are tortured to perpetuate? That same human will do both.

The other, equally crucial, error in human civilization is the unwillingness of humans to die or to kill to keep peace. It is impossible to have world peace and plenty for all when there will ever be some who will exploit our love of these things for gain. Nothing will stop those people, as long as there is gain from it, except brute force. Short of that, the best ever accomplished was to detour them temporarily. They cannot be stopped short of your willingness to die to stop them, to kill to stop them, and your unwillingness to do either of these is WHY they exist, is WHY your life is this hard and WHY so many lives are blasted off the face of the earth, when they are lucky enough not to be maimed or tortured or starved to death. The true pacifist will kill—NOT, you pussy, each other: THEM—and will die willingly for peace.

And the President of the United States is as UTTERLY helpless against this as YOU are. Until one will die or will kill to stop it, not an infinity of sophistry changes this.

We have right now a president every bit as ludicrous and dangerous as Sarah Palin.

It is a complete waste of life to even think about these people. Yes, you cannot be ignorant of what’s going on, but you can prevent it from keeping you prostrate with a kaleidoscope spinning in your head by just registering it and dropping your reactionary howling and puffing and videoing and snarking, so you can move about in a field clear of psychedelics and function as an ADULT, formulate the ways to bring this to a halt, and PERFORM on them. You can do that.

I started laughing when I saw the headlines about the death threats coming at Congress over this “healthcare reform”. I did. Pathetic. If they start getting killed by pissed-off Americans... GREAT. I don’t care why. I don’t care, because they are in the midst of prosecuting lethal harm on sentient beings in ANY case, and whatever it takes to stop that is DEFENSE OF LIFE. If it starts happening and you don’t get behind it, YOU are calling the police state down upon yourself.

And, I consider the current fad for painting the Joker’s face on these people a big step up from the Hitler mustaches of old.

It’s more fitting.


  1. Yikes, that's a shock after seeing Paul Graig Roberts appear upon multiple visits and reloads!

  2. It's a shocking juxtaposition for sure!

  3. Ancient Zen masters used brutalities of this sort to awaken their followers.

  4. That ought to do it but...

    ought to...

  5. I know!

    It's a BITCH!

    I can't believe it!

  6. Yikes!

    Right now the dog is sitting right alongside the photo of the guy at your Howard Zinn sidebar quote. It is interesting how they look alike.

    I clicked on the guy's photo and it brought me here, which is currently at the top of the linked list.


  7. Yes. The young de Rothschild owner of Earth is there to link everyone to posts about plutocratic perfidy. This joker is just their current butt boy, so yer apt to get a lot of shots of him.... The image of Mr. Plastiki, I'm sure, is supposed to put people in mind of plutocratic humanity and decency and all that celebrity shit, but it, to me, represents the ultimate in evil. I can barely stand to look at it... so I put it on my sidebar.

  8. Maybe he'll get caught up in the gyre!

  9. I can barely stand to look at it... so I put it on my sidebar.

    So we have to look at it...

    I see how you are!

  10. I know. Sorry. My teacher told me I seem to lack the disinclination to tell people what they don't want to hear... show them what they don't want to see.... Not that I'm a know-it-all or nuthin' but I really, REALLY think we have to stop ignoring that stuff in order to bring the world into some semblance of a sane place to live....


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