14 March 2010

i am loath to turn on my heater

[click image, lecture, hour and a half... or... just shoot yourself....]

Because I want to savor the cold while I can... among other reasons....

I just love it when supposed intellectuals, faced with the brute incoherence of their own positions, blurt out stuff like, "I'm an optimist. I just am." I want to leap up and say, "Okay, good! Then you'll shut up now, right?"

Well. I'm being too kind.

It is jackasses of this ilk, just shrugging about the inevitability of government inaction who are in the business of profiting from its inaction... get speaking engagements on matters that should have been settled decades ago... get PAID because they play the long-aching inaction game with the government.

Fuck you.

Honestly, you can fill this void with every particle in the beginningless and endless cosmos, doing and doing and doing and doing, lecturing, speaking at rallies, attending colloquia, being interviewed, writing books.... At what point do we stop doing and perform?

And do you think this has anything to do with why the world is so fucked up?

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