14 March 2010

i grew up with these people

[click image]

Believe me, I made this heiress look a couple hundred thousand times better than she looks in real life. I, thankfully, have not had to speak with her in nearly forty years, but I know entirely too much about it even still. While the de Rothschild brat attempts to make himself into a global altruist, others don't bother to put on that big a show. They are far insulated from the generators of their fortunes and live in little paradises of not having to know anything about the big bad world, not anything at all. In a truly horrifying sense, completely innocent. This one never knew her father was paying off judges to give her blue ribbons, and may never have even met anyone remotely associated with the increase of the lucre overflowing every moment of her life.

One should contemplate this sort of thing.

When I tell you the masters of the planet would, for the most part, be shocked by your accusations, I'm not kidding. No one is at this helm, but yet we must exterminate that no one. How do we do this?


  1. I'm not watching this, because MSNBC is the "fox news of the left"...ahem...

  2. That's why I linked you somewhere you could read about it.....


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