14 March 2010

wherein 99 dreams of dubya

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Yep, as Step One in my push to overcome this ugly thing that has cropped up in my consciousness—and I'm still not discussing that—I dreamed I was Dubya's minder this morning. We got along very well. I told him just what I thought of him, but it came out friendly—even felt friendly—almost what you'd call "loving". Contrary to everything you might suppose, this was a GOOD dream. There were others, equally hateful others, from his "administration" I went about minding and the same thing was occurring.

This has lightened the dolor around here....


  1. 99...

    When one considers that W was actually a clueless dupe in his whole Administration's fiasco...That he actually had no idea as to what the hell was actually happening during his 2 terms. That W was simply trotted out to deliver decisions that he had no friggin' part in making, and that he personally may be a pretty decent feller....
    Well your dream makes sense given those considerations.

  2. From a Buddhist perspective, it makes sense because hatred is a major pitfall in the effort for positive manifestation. I didn't excuse him on the grounds you mention while he was in office because in each moment he could have risen from them to perform... to manifest decency.... I hate the harm, not the perpetrators of it. WHATEVER it takes to stop the harm should be done, but the hating is the glue pit, the thing that leaves us wallowing in this filth without letup.

    It also should be borne in mind that nobody, not the worst of us ever, is who their personality seems to indicate... and I was not dealing with Dubya the personality in this dream. I was dealing with the true human, the one I always want to know in everyone.

    But from the walking around world perspective, yep.


  3. Dubya was the front man; Cheney wielded more power.
    Reagan/Bush was the same setup.


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