05 March 2010

it's friday, pretend to have a life night

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It actually occurred to me earlier to take myself out for a pleasant dining experience tonight, before I remembered that it is Friday and there is no such thing as a pleasant dining experience out on Friday nights. If a restaurant finds itself too tranquil of a Friday, it either starts in with karaoke early or the wait persons hover so I-wanna-get-outta-here-early-and-you-damn-well-better-tip-me-the-moon that they might as well have done the karaoke thing. So I'm going to just contemplate the serenity of jellyfish in the deepest reaches of the acidifying sea instead....


  1. Hey 99,

    These spineless coelenterates are staffing more and more of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government every day!

    Hanging in there, hoping you're doing the same or better ;-)

    Much love,

  2. I'm barely hanging in....

    The urges to flip into monster mode are oceanic. It's this need to become larger than the continent, to simultaneously smack down these coelenterates who are too fucking venal to even use the positive aspects of being spineless! I'd like to be a giant who topples them from their plateau something like one who sweeps an arm across a dinner table, sending everything on it crashing to the floor, and then reset this table.

    This urge keeps seeming to my guts to be totally possible and yet my being doesn't ever respond to it. It's almost as though ALL the horrors of the world are so horrific precisely to goad this giantifictude up out of my delusion and get that table reset....

    Don't tell anyone I confessed this to you, because then they will be downright CERTAIN that I'm just plain nuts....



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