05 March 2010

another frickin' petition

[click image]

Ordinarily, I think this stuff is a waste of time, but I think we owe it to Howard Dean to give it another try. I'm really worried about what's going to happen to him when Obama rams through mandatory insurance with NO protections for us. Obama has shown he will go the distance to please the plutocrats, and Dean is going the distance to disappoint them. Let's stand with the one who's on OUR side.


  1. For you, I'll sign the petition ;-)

  2. Well, thank you, dear. Of course, I fervently hope that Dean will go seriously strident on Obama's sorry butt, and help insure this total shit legislation is killed but good, but, well, I expect a LOT from these guys... so I'm forcing myself to root for the public option getting jammed in there. I don't think it was EVER anything more than a PR carrot and I also think there's NO chance it will end up in the bill, but... MAYBE Dean can outlast Obama and he's trying hard. So he could use the support.

    WE could use single payer.


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