05 March 2010

whipping up another storm

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The United States is bent on making a hairy deal out Iran, and others go along with us, not because there is anything to sanction Iran over, but because they would rather not piss us off. We're only doing it because that's what the lobbyists are paying for and so, in a nutshell, Israel wants to punish Iran.

If you care to endure the execrable Michael Ledeen debating Flynt Leverett you will get a whiff of what pisses me off so much about this whole question of diplomacy with Iran. Beside his outrageous spewing of baldfaced lies, Ledeen's shtick is pitch-perfect American exceptionalism, and it is precisely this that Iran will not tolerate... to their everlasting credit. This is courageous, but it is ALSO the most loving way to proceed with deluded bullies. I think Leverett has an idea that we should not keep playing this my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours game with them, but I don't think he quite sees that Iran is treating us PRECISELY as is warranted when one side gets out of phase with their proper relation to the other. WE act as though Iran is subordinate to us. Iran acts as though we are equal to them.

Which side do you think is right?

And SINCE you know Iran is right, WHY the fuck do you put up with this EVIL shit from Washington?

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